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This web is the centrepoint to which all information on the MEACOCK'S of the world will be collated eventually it will include a list of all the Meacock's we have been able to find on the Internet and it will also have attached gedcom files of the various Meacock family groupings....the aim of the Meacock Family Tree is to provide as much information and family history of Meacock's as is humanly possible in the hope that this will help those searching for Meacock Family.

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What's New

The following is a list of recent additions to our web. Whenever we publish a paper, write a specification, submit a status report, or add anything else to our web, we'll put a notice here. Every now and again we'll remove the oldest items. The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the new or updated content.Just Click on the listing to go to it.

Date 24/07/2014

Update some photos and pages throughout...say general housekeeping


updated Eric Meacock's Freemasons details

Date 20/07/2014

updated details on several pages and photographs of Paul

Date 20/07/2014

added two pages to Meacock Research & updated others

Date 18/05/2011

updated details on Photographs of Meacock's Norseman

Date 25/04/2011

updated Family History details William Meacock 1744

Date 25/04/2011

updated contact information for Meacock Researchers.

Date 3/12/2010

Corrected year of death to 1987 for Freddie Meacock

Date 3/12/2010

Added photograph of Walter Meacock in Grand Treasurers Regalia

Date 19/06/2009

Added information on FTDNA Project and results of Meacock Tests so far carried out.

Date 12/11/2008

Added even more details of Leonard Knevett Meacock and Doris Meacock

Date 11/11/2008

Added some recently located details of Leonard Knevett Meacock to AIF webpage

Date 10/11/2008

Added 'Meacock Poem - For A Genealogical Gathering' to Freddie Meacock's webpage

Date 9/11/2008

updated Thomas Meacock 1767 webpage and Eileen Rowe's page and photos

Date 30/06/2008

added new resource CD's to list held by Eric Meacock & included some recent photos for Eric's Grandchildren

Date 29/06/2008

added Telegraph's resumé of life of Eileen Rowe to her page & updated dates on Thomas Meacock 1767 page + Introduction update

Date 20/07/2007

Updated details with reference to Helen Meacock on several pages

Date 17/07/2007

Updated details in Introduction to Website   &   updated links on Several Pages including photo pages

Date 9/07/2007

added link to Newspaper items on Cheshire Granada TV's Lucy Meacock & author THYRZA Meacock

Date 9/07/2007

added another image to Eileen Rowe Page and updated copyright and web ring links on most pages

Date 27/06/2007

updated Links on Meacock "Family Pages" {see link in navigation headings} and replaced 'copyright' endorsements on main pages

Date 10/10/2006

updated Meacock Family Tree Research contacts page and     Meacock Photographs page

Date 9/10/2006

updated Meacock Family History Links page and    reformatted Meacock News page

Date 2/10/2006

added Meacock Wills on hand page and    Freddie Meacock

Date 19/09/2006

added new Family History page Thomas Meacock 1767 page

Date 18/09/2006

added new Family History page Eileen Rowe & Muriel Meacock Wedding Photo

Date 9/09/2006

Updated page navigation & copyright statements..added new Family History page Lucy Meacock

Date 20/09/2005

Added Meacock Wills list to Items of Interest

Date 12/09/2005

Added Thomas Meacock in Peninsula War to AIF.htm

Date 9/09/2005

Updated all links to Eric Meacock's pages now at

Date 9/06/2005

Added new webpage listing details of Meacock's in Australian Military Forces WW1 & WW11

Date 8/06/2005

Added Carole Sherratt to list of contact email addresses

Date 16/05/2005

replaced photograph of Eric Meacock with one taken April 2005

Date 15/05/2005

Details of Meacock's who served with Australian Forces in WW1 & WW2

 Date 27/05/2004

Added to Items of Interest a link to Meacock's in 'The Times'

 Date 4/05/2004

Added Eric Meacock's Photos from Western Australia

Date 16/6/2003

Family Research Resources....List of Archive-CD's held by Eric Meacock

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