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M E A C O C K ís in the "Times"!

  A number of incidents involving the name MEACOCK have been found in "The Times", some of them are reproduced here :-
Letters to Editor
Feb 01 1978 Sir, Why are the pundits so surprised about the prevalence of bad spelling from our youngsters? For years we have been officially encouraged to "drinka pinta milka day". From such an example what can they expect? Yours faithfully F.T.Meacock 123 Whitchurch Gardens Edgware Middlesex.
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Jul 10 1975 Sir, I was interested to read Bernard Levin's article on July 1 on electioneering. In the last GLC election I stood as an independent candidate for a Westminister City ward on behalf of the Save London Action Group. I circulated no leaflets, I knocked on no doors, and I did not even visit the ward, yet I received 60 votes. This was just 20 votes less than the successful councillor. Yours faithfully, Miss Patricia Meacock 116 Gloucester Terrace W2 Jul. 1

Bach to Eternity
June 24 1972 Sir, There is a serious risk that resources may now be adequate for the BBC to broadcast a Bach cantata at five past nine every Sunday morning until we all perish. Yours apprehensively, Dr. Graham W Meacock Touchstone Greenfields Lane Rowton Chester June 12 (Click for family connection)

Law Report Nov.10th 1942
High Court of Justice, King's Bench Division
Insurance against Non receipt of money
Before Mr Justice Atkinson
His Lordship gave judgement in this case for the plaintiffs, who claimed from the defendants, Messrs Bryant and Co., coal exporters,of Newcastle-on-Tyne, certain sums of money as having been received to their use.
By a Lloyds non marine policy dated July 23 1936, the first plaintiff, Mr John Meacock, and other underwriters etc etc

The Case of Dr Dimock
Coroners correspondence with Home Office
Medical sympathy with Dr Meacock
Nov. 13 1913 Mr G Martin Hall, Coroner of the Isle of Ely, resumed at Stratham near Ely, the inquest on the body of Dr> Horace Dimock,32,the panel doctor of Wisbech whose death gave rise to disturbances at Wisbech a fortnight ago. The Court was held in the Red Lion Inn, and none of the general public was present.The proceedings were mainly formal and occupied only a few minutes, and the inquest was adjourned till December 3. At a meeting at on Tuesday at March of the Isle of Ely local medical committee a resolution of confidence and sympathy with its chairman, Dr Meacock, and other doctors of Wisbech was passed. A resolution was also carried recommending a judicial investigation by the National Health or Home Office into the circumstances of Dr. Dimock's death. etc etc

Court of Appeal
A "hard" case for auctioneers John Meacock & Co. V Abrahams
Oct. 19 1956 Before Lord Justice's Denning, Hodgson & Morris
Their Lordships allowed this (Morris dissenting)appeal by Mortgagee Defendant A E Abrahams of Princes Gate Hyde Park and a mortgagor cited as third party, Mr H O Loescher of Albemarle Road, Beckenham Kent, from a decision of Judge Daynes at West London County Court on June 29 1956 in favour of plaintiffs John Meacock & Co. auctioneers of High Street Ruislip Middlesex etc etc

Nov 2 1950 Mr S A Meacock
Mr Sydney Arthur Meacock who recently died in a London nursing home in his 94th year, had been at Lloyd's for 77 years. He began his career there on Nov 14 1873, at the age of 16, and was attending to his underwriting business until a few days ago, when he was suddenly taken ill. He was a well known figure at Lloyd's where he was much liked. Meacock was born at Little Ealing Farm Middlesex on Nov 29 1856. He was the last survivor of 20 children of the late John Meacock a farmer who was born on a farm in Hammersmith. etc etc...Mr John Meacock his son has been an underwriting member of Lloyd's since 1929.

Oct 08 1838 On Saturday at Brentford Petty Sessions John Mitchell Bailiff to Mr John Meacock of Hanwell, was charged before the Rev.Dr Walmesley and Mr Armstrong, the sitting magistrates, with having committed the following most brutal assault on a boy only 10 years of age, named William Carter. It appeared from the evidence that on Friday the boy, while passing one of Mr Meacock's fields, pulled up a sweedish turnip, and while in the act of peeling it with his teeth, the defendant came up to him, and seizing a hedge stake out of the bank, commenced belabouring him with it with the great violence, until the boy became nearly insensible.....defendant was fined which fine was immediately paid....a charge against the boy for stealing was dismissed.

Oct 29 1866 At Marylebone on Saturday, Mr Robert Meacock, of Metropolitan Music Hall, Edgware Road, appeared to answer a summons charging him of keeping a place of public resort in Paddington, called the "Metropolitan Music Hall", for the public performance of stage plays without authority by letters patent from Her Majesty's or her predecessors, or licence from The Lord Chamberlain of Her Majesty's household or Her Majesty's justices of the peace for the county in which the music hall is situate, the same not being a booth or show exempted from the operation of the statute in that behalf.>etc etc ....made an order for the defendant to pay a penalty of 40s. and costs.




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