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Did you know:                       MOTO = Initiative with Prudence

 The  MEACOCK surname, or variations of it, go back as far as 1284 AD; and the name was even used by William Shakespeare in ‘Taming of the Shrew’ Act 2 Scene 1: “How tame, when men and women are alone, a meacock wretch can make the curstest shrew.”

If you don’t know, or can’t find out what he meant, please e-mail me at and I will be happy to send you an explanation!

Well, here is some more information for you about the MEACOCK FAMILY TREE and how we are researching all our histories!

My folks have been researching the history of the MEACOCK family, and other related families for many years now; and had all the information on paper until recently, when we started inputting the data onto a MEACOCK FAMILY TREE program.

As well as writing to living MEACOCK’s or related people, my folks have visited many records offices, and spent many hours researching through hard or micro-copied documents of those no longer with us.  

When I went on the Internet I realised how useful it would be for gathering and communicating information, and also how it would help us draw links between different branches of the MEACOCK FAMILY TREE worldwide!  

In conducting our search for others named MEACOCK, we used the search engine and typed in “Meacock”. This search recently produced 99,300 hits in 0.12 seconds!                         …and we have been wading through them ever since…On some occasions there was not an e-mail address on the site for the person named MEACOCK, and so we have e-mailed the apparent owner of the site, or someone who may be able to help us make contact. We’ve already found lots of interesting people during the search, and have e-mailed more than 70 people so far.  

Paul and his folks have been carefully inputting each piece of data onto the MEACOCK FAMILY TREE Program & database, and we now have over 8,200 names on our database!   Robert ‘Eric’ MEACOCK, who lives in Western Australia, has family links back to 1791, in Paul Meacock's hometown of Birkenhead, Wirral, Cheshire, UK ,!  But we have not, as yet, found a connection between the two family lines… Eric has an excellent website, which includes lots of info on genealogy, and data on his own line of the MEACOCK FAMILY TREE, and those directly connected to it.  

Eric MEACOCK’ s Web Page index :  from where you can follow links to numerous sites and also e-mail him.  

Other websites I have found with MEACOCK’s named are….

David MEACOCK      :

Alex MEACOCK      :

John MEACOCK        :

Richard (Dick) MEACOCK :

Simon MEACOCK      :

Tony&Pat MEACOCK:  

Steve BLAYLOCK   :

There are also lots of sites with masses of data about MEACOCK names, but they are sometimes quite difficult to make sense of…. Here are just a few:  

We are surprised ourselves just how many MEACOCK’s  there are around the world, and even more amazed at how many there have been throughout history!

You can probably see that it could be quite a job to make sense of all the data! So to make life easier for us and everyone else, we have been carefully inputting each piece of data onto the MEACOCK FAMILY TREE Program, and we now have details of many individuals and families, and lots of attendant information, such as Births, Christenings, Marriages, Addresses, Deaths and Burials, all of which can be displayed in a simple and easy to read layout. We are continuing to gather and input information, and are finding new links all the time!  

We have even found one family with 12 children, can you beat that?

The program that we are using enables the data to be displayed in a really nice user-friendly format.  

Paul & Eric have collaborated, together with other interested parties, to set up the International Meacock website, maintained by Eric from Western Australia, of which this is the 'Introduction Page' and which contains links to other connected sites, so that all this data is displayed, and freely accessable to all interested parties. (NB: We have high moral standards, and will not be making any sensitive or personal data available on-line!)  

Our ultimate aim is for any visitor to this site to be able to view the entire list of available names, or simply search for a name, and then display a family tree of Descendants or Ancestors for the name selected. You will be able to click into a name, and look at other information about the individual selected, (such as Census addresses etc), and then be able to link to other relations of that individual, and so on… For those of us fortunate enough to be still alive and be on the Internet as well, we provide links to individuals Homepages!  

The further development of this site will depend on the interest of all the people around the world who share a common ancestor, who sometime and somewhere was called Mr MEACOCK.        Who this person was, we may never know, but we are sure that many of you, just like us, share an interest your family origins! …from information so far we are laying bets that he will be called either Robert, William or Thomas; …and putting double money on the chances that he married someone called Mary !  

Yes, some names do repeat themselves over and over again…Many of the individual Meacock Family Trees contain the same or similar 'Christian Names'. …and yet others have only been seen once!

If you would like to help by contributing some information about yourself and your family please contact us or Eric by clicking

The most useful information to help establish links is:  

-         FULL NAME [for ladies not born MEACOCK please give the             maiden/birth          surname]

-         Date of Birth [DOB] and Place of Birth

-         Date of Death [DOD] (If Applicable)

-         Occupation

-         Addresses

-         Name of the Person they Married

-         When and where the Marriage took place [Indicate 1st, 2nd, 3rd marriage, or 'Partner (unmarried)' etc]

      -     Full Names of Sons and/or Daughters with each spouse, and the DOB and DOD for each.

      -     Other relationship information.   

Many people feel daunted and overwhelmed by all the idea of collecting all the information together.     Believe us, we have been ourselves at times!  

So if you want to start off, just the same way as we did, by just putting in your name and Date of Birth, that will be a great start!  

Just want to say “Hello” by email please click here A: or Eric

(Wasn’t it a Chinese philosopher who said  “Even the longest journey begins by taking the first small step!” )

Once you are on the MEACOCK FAMILY TREE, you can then send other information as often or as infrequently as you wish after that.


We do respect the fact that some people may not wish to be involved in this FAMILY TREE for their own reasons.

We give you our most serious promise that should you at anytime in the future wish to cease your participation in this project then we will not keep harassing you with ‘junk e-mail’ about the subject.

Similarly if you supply information, and wish to have it deleted from the Family Tree, at some point in the future, then your wishes will be carried out.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!  

Kindest Regards

Paul Meacock                                  Eric Meacock  

….son of Robert Arthur MEACOCK and Audrey Florence MEACOCK (ne-TAYLOR)              Son of George Eric & Gladys OIlive Meacock(nee KERR)

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