Freemasonry and my family of Meacock's.

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                                                                       Robert Meacock (1856-1870)  Masonic Hall Clifton Rd Birkenhead

                         Mersey Lodge No. 701 (now No. 477) Birkenhead

                              Initiated 8-3-1856 (Joined age 26.Occupation: Plumber); Passed 12-6-1856; Raised 21-7-1856.

A visit to Mersey Lodge No.477 in 2009 by WBro Steve Blaylock { a descendant of Robert Meacock's older sister Mary} , disclosed that Robert is a Past Master of his mother lodge having been Master of the Lodge in 1862.


                           His half-years subs to 31-12-1867 were 4/10/0... Last payment made 1870.
                 (estimated cost in 2004 money A$674)

Click on thumbnails to see enlarged.{Silver markings on set show originated London 1858-59; the cake fork made by Walker & Hall London Silverplate 1919-1920.}
Case inscription reads :
Presented to
Louisa Meacock
March 1862
by the Brethren of the Mersey Lodge

The name Louisa was inscribed later than the rest suggesting that the presentation was prepared and only awaited the name of the child, Louisa, thought to be the female equivalent of lewis, born in February 1862 was the fourth daughter of Robert Meacock, who it turns out was the Master of the Lodge that year.. The silver knife, fork, and spoon all have the masonic square and compass on the handle as does the cake fork displayed in the photograph which is also a Meacock Family heirloom. The Sterling Silver markings on the silver shows that the items were made in London in 1860.

COMBERMERE LODGE No.605 (was No.880)Birkenhead

Joined 19-5-1859 : Invested as JD & IG 1-1-1860 : 17-12-1863 Sat as JW
Wor.Master elect 8-1-1864
Installed as Worshipful Master 21-1-1864.....Installed Bro. Wade 19-1-1865.

( In 2003 Steve Blaylock advised that R Meacock is listed as a Pastmaster on Combermere Lodge Installation Card.) {From the Lodges early minute book Steve found the following records}
Combermere Lodge was constituted on 3rd December 1852 as lodge no 880 at the Egremont Hotel. The lodge appeared to move from the Egremont Hotel to the Seacombe Hotel after a dispute about wine stocks in November 1857 and later moved to Oliver Street Birkenhead where it still meets. Many visitors from Lodge 701 are recorded in the minute book from this time forward. Bro. R Meacock appears as a visitor on 17/3/1859, on 19/5/1859 at this meeting it was proposed by the WM W.H.Nevill and seconded by the SW H.Heisterman that Bro. Robert Meacock of 701 be admitted a member. Passed unanimously.
1/1/1860 Robert Meacock invested as JD and IG. 19/3/63 He seconded the candidature of Robert Henry Jones Broker of Hackins Hey Lpool. The lodge met as No.605 (late 880) from 9/9/63. 17/12/63 Robert sat as JW, Bro Hale elected as master 8/1/64 Lodge of Emergency Bro. Hale had been refused a dispensation by the PGM Earl of Zetland to become concurrent Master of 2 lodges. Robert elected WM.and on 21/1/1864 installed as master Combermere Lodge No. 605. At that meeting he initiated Ellis Davies, Flour Dealer of Liscard. 21/7/64 proposed Wm. Grocott, builder Neston as a candidate 17/11/64 Robert Meacock initiates Grocott 19/1/1865 Robert Meacock installs successor Bro. Wade

Walter Meacock born 3rd December 1866 at 28 Conway Street BirkenheadClick to enlarge
Photo taken in 1983 clearly shows the residence rooms above the business premises Click to see enlarged.

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                                                  Walter Meacock
wearing the regalia of Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden (Monmouth).
He was invested with this rank on 25th October 1919.

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Walter was educated by the Royal Masonic Institute for Boys at their original school "Wood Green" in North London, on the death of his father he entered the Institute aged 11, was shown there in the 1881 Census as a 14 year old pupil, in 1929 he had the unique distinction of being the first (and only) old boy of the Institute to be elected to the Institutes Board of Management, he served on the Board until 1941 resigning at that time due to ill health.
Brief history of the Royal Masonic Instution for Boys:-Courtesy RMTGB webpage
From 1798 there were two Masonic charities for clothing and educating sons of indigent Freemasons. The charities operated separately for nearly 60 years, each providing for the education of sons by sending them to the nearest school to which they resided. "Wood Green" in North London was the first boys' school, where 25 boys started in 1857 following an amalgamation of the two charities in 1852. A new school was built in Bushey in Hertfordshire in 1903 with an adjoining Junior School added in 1929. By 1939 there were 800 boys aged 8 to 18 at Bushey. The privilege of the title 'Royal' was granted in 1832, and the name 'The Royal Masonic Institution for Boys' was adopted. It was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1926.

Photograph of "Wood Green" in North London

Walter Meacock's masonic affiliations were :-

1901 - 1945        Albert Edward. Prince of Wales Lodge No. 1429 Newport

                            Initiated 10-10-1901 Passed 16-12-1901 Raised 13-2-1902

                        Joined age 35. Died May 1945.  Occupation : Accountant

                        JW 1909 ; SW  1910; WM 1911

1910 - 1945        Old Masonians Lodge No. 2700 London

                            Joined 14-10-1910.Died 1945. Occupation: Chartered Accountant

1911 - 1945        Charles Lyne Lodge No. 2964 Newport

                             Joined 6-7-1911 from Lodge No. 1429.    Chartered Accountant

                         JW 1925  ;  WM  1936 ;

1920 - 1945        Jasper Tudor Lodge No. 4074  Newport

                              He was a petitioner of this Lodge, the warrant was granted on

                          17th Feb. 1920. He had joined from Lodge No. 1429

Other Office held :  1936  Grand Treasurer -United Grand Lodge England.

He was also a member of a Royal Arch Chapter but details are unknown. An original member of the Rotary Club of Newport Monmouthshire, served office of President and was a popular and active Chairman of District 15 and a personal friend of the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris of Chicago, who visited the Meacock home 'Kingsmore'.

Brother of Walter                Stanley Alfred Meacock

1901 - 1958        Silvrian Lodge No. 471 Newport. JW 1911;SW 1912;WM 1913 & '41.

                        Charles Lyne Lodge No. 2964 Newport  WM 1928

                        Jasper Tudor Lodge No. 4074 Newport

Other Offices held :for many years Provincial Grand Secretary (Monmouth) and in 1930  P.A.G.D.C.; 1937 Dep.Prov.G.M.,Monmouth; 1938 P.J.G.Deacon ; 1954 - Order of Service to Masonry.

Sons of Walter

Robert Walter Meacock 1921 - 1962 Jasper Tudor Lodge No 4074 Newport (WM 1938) & Charles Lyne Lodge No. 2964 Newport.

Donald Meacock  (dates not yet identified) Corinthian Lodge No. 4917 Swansea, P.P.G. Std. Bearer

Stanley Preece Meacock St. Michael's Lodge No. 1630 Coventry (WM 1937)...P.P.G.W (Warwickshire)...Member Old Tauntonian Lodge No. 5735

G. Eric Meacock (c.1928) The Lodge Norseman No.20       W.A.C. Australia

Wilfred Vernon Meacock 1936 - 1954 Isca Lodge No. 683 Newport (WM 1949) & Charles Lyne Lodge No. 2964 Newport & St Woolos Chapter No. 683 Newport.

Grandsons of Walter

Eric Meacock  Eric Meacock Southern Cross Lodge No.44 W.A.C. (WM 1965); The Lodge of Service No. 135 W.A.C. D of Ceremonies 1969 to 1973 then WM 1974, Charity Stwd 1976, Dof C 1985 & 1986; Grand Lodge of Western Australia Ceremonial Team 1976 then District Grand Inspector of Workings 1977-1980; conferred rank P.G.I.W. 1980
Nannup (Day) Lodge No. 124 W.A.C. Busselton, Director of Ceremonies 2007 to 2010, SW 2011, WM 2012 & 2013, Secty 2014-todate.
Associate Member Sussex Lodge 41 2013-14 Ass.DofC, 2014- Treasurer
Associate Member Naturaliste Lodge 294... 2013-14 AssDofC.
Joined Geographe Royal Arch Chapter No.38 2012...Installed as 3rd Principal & WMM 2014 also joined Nelson RAC No.22 as an Associate.

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Grand Officers of the Ceremonial Team 1976-1977 year.

  Eric Meacock back row 4th from the left.

Walter Meacock Narembeen Lodge No.129 W.A.C.25-9-62/27-6-89

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