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by Eric Meacock

Part of The 'Meates Group' in the FTDNA ( see )

Larry Meacoe in Canada had his DNA tested at FTDNA in 2008, after he informed me of the results I decided to have my DNA tested there and obtained exciting results earlier this year (2009) which indicated that Larry and I have a close genetic relationship. This was exciting as Larry's Meacock family ancestry is in Liverpool just across the Mersey River from my ancestors in Birkenhead/Wirral area.
We are both members of the Meates Group in FTDNA which is Susan Meates grouping of DNA results for surnames beginning MEA, and we are the first Meacock matches within that group. Our DNA results have also indicated to Ken Mycock that the generally held belief that the surnames MYCOCK and MAYCOCK were derivations of MEACOCK isn't correct as the DNA samples from all three indicate and distinct surname in each case.
Both Larry and my DNA also indicated a genetic relationship with John Carey BENNETT (Herts. UK). Larry and I have found our common ancestor to be William Meacock b.1744, son of Thomas and Mary (nee Thomas), but we are as yet unable to find a paper trail to the Bennett surname.
We are now waiting for other Meacock's in the various areas of Cheshire and UK as well as other countries to have DNA tests which we hope will add to the number of close genetic relationships while continuing to look for the paper trail to our common ancestry.
Please consider testing your DNA
(Join the Meates Group at FTDNA ( see )

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