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The following wills are held by the researchers named :-

Will                                             researcher

Robert Meacock Birkenhead Gentleman 1858        Robert Eric Meacock
John Meacock Brimstage 1635        
Robert Meacock Stoak 1637
Thomas Meacock Stoak Yeoman 1682
William Meacock Brimstage Yeoman 1731
John Meacock Great Stanney Yeoman 1761
Thomas Meacock Stoak Gentleman 1767
Martha Meacock Stoak Widow 1768
William Meacock Stanney Gentleman 1803
Elizabeth Meacock Stanney wife of William 1804
John Meacock Stoak Farmer 1815
Susannah Meacock Whitby Spinster
John Pyke 1819

John Meacock Birkenhead Brewer 1857         Susan Richards
Susan Jane Meacock Hoylake Spinster 1905
Isabel Bond Meacock Hoylake Spinster 1915-1916

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Western Australia & Paul Meacock,  Nth.Wales.


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