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---Thomas Meacock 1767 - 1829(1830)---

{Thomas 1767 was the third child of Joseph (1735-1790) & Lydia Meacock (nee Barnet 1737-1814)who married in 1759, his siblings were Joseph (1760-1819),Sarah(1765-1859), Ann (?), Elizabeth(1772-1852) & Mary(1779) }

Thomas born 1767 in Hammersmith London (Farmer)d.1829-30, married in Hanwell 1789 to Elizabeth Watts(Wells?) born 1756 d.1839c.London
Children :- Thomas (1790-1855), Ann (1791-1864), William (1793-1877), Joseph (1795-1871)(4 children), John (1799-1884)(Bank Manager 2 wives 20 children)

{2nd Gen}Thomas(1790)1st m.1814 Ann children: Elizabeth (1815), Ann (1818), Helen (1819), Thomas (1821), William (1823) m. Frances Pratley, Sarah (1823), 2nd m.5-12-1825 Matilda Sims(1797-1833) children:-Joseph (1826) , George (1827-1874)m. Ellen ?, Frank (1828-1909) m Louisa Knevett, Matilda (1829) m. John Starkey, John(1830-1884), Edmund (1831-1868) m. Sarah Shipley,Alfred (1832)police constable m.Teresa Ferrell.

{3rd Gen}Frank (1828-1909) m. Louisa Knevett children: Frank (1857), Thomas Samuel(1861)  DaytonGreenFarm {The Meacock and Goddard families lived at different times on this and Twyford Abbey farm}
{4th Gen} Frank (1857- 1928) m. Sarah Jane Goddard (1859-1942) 1887 they lived 'Highfield' Hanwell children: James Robert Douglas (1889-1938), Florence Louisa(b. Hanwell 1892), Doris E(b. Hanwell 1895) See printed comment above...Goddard Family HomeTwyford Abbey Farm

{4th Gen} Thomas Samuel (1861-) m.1886 Agnes Weller(parents Arthur & Emily Weller) children: Leonard Knevett (1888-1942), Muriel 1890

{5th Gen} James Robert Douglas (1889-1938) m. Etha Chaplin children: Hilda (b. Lambeth 1913-1982), Muriel (b. Newmarket c.1920)See Hilda's page

Many of this generation are in this photo. Click to enlarge

{5th Gen} Florence Louisa(1892-1969) m. John Bedford Rowe(1880-1941) children: Eileen Florence(1914-2008)piano teacher, Basil/William? (1917-1929)See Eileen's page
{5th Gen} Doris E (1895-?) m.1921 Gaston V Somney (1891-Parents Joseph (Violin Maker) & Cecelia Ann Somney(nee Drew) Lived in Hanwell) child: Beryl I(1923-)

{5th Gen.}Leonard Knevett (1888-1942) m.26/7/1924 Christine Christie{1898-parents Andrew & Helen Christie (nee Lees) Scotland}children: Andrew Christie(b.23/10/1930 Toronto.d.23/7/2005 Naniamo BC.{IGI} Leonard it seems served in the Duke of Cambridge's Hussars prior to moving to NSW Australia where as an architect he enlisted in AIF at Rosehill NSW at the start of WW1, embarked HMAT Ulysses at Melbourne 1914, served in Gallipoli and France, returned Australia HMAT Kashmir 1919 (see Meacock in AIF) Shipping records show Leonard Knevett Meacock aged 35 sailed from Japan to London arriving on 4th March 1921 on P&O's H.M.T.S. Plassy HMAT Ylysses MelbourneThe HussarsClick thumbnails to enlarge
Leonard was enquired after in 1916, after his name was shown in casualty lists in Sydney as 'returned to duty', by Miss Elsie Power of Neutral Bay NSW seeking his current address in London which was provided by the Army. After his return to Australia he re-enlisted in a Special AIF Escort Ypiranga Unit at Holdsworthy NSW, 17 June 1919 where he served 44 days with discharge at own request 30 July 1919. He was located in the Federated Malay States in 1920 prior to his return to UK in 1921. His whereabouts are unknown then until September 1929 , when he made contact with Australian Army Records from Toronto Canada. Leonard died in General Hospital in Toronto Canada January 9 1942 survived by wife Christine Meacock.
{6th Gen} Hilda (1913-1982) child: George William Meacock (b.Kingston 1940) m. Sandra Lynn Buss (b.Gosport 1942).See Hilda's page    Link to battleships : Sandra's father was on the ship
{6th Gen} Beryl Somney (1923-) 1st m. at Eastbourne 1948 to Bob Houghton child: Angela(b. 1952 Leicester) ; 2nd m. Brigadier Bob Wilcox. Children: Neil , Julia (married name Makepeace)
{7th Gen} Angela Houghton(1952-) daughter Hannah Jane Yeadon b.24 April 1985 father Michael Yeadon, {? Angela M Houghton m. May 1988 Leicester to Roger S Bishop}
{2nd Gen} Joseph (1795-1871)Cowkeeper & dairymanClick to enlarge m. Mary Harris(1805) children : Joseph (1835-1884) m.Sarah Ann Brown(1820-1863)& in 1866 Annie Laurie Murton, George Lodovic (c1836-1903)Master Butcher Hammersmith m. 1859 Elizabeth Durran (1834-1890) & in 1891 Frances E Plestow (1857-1903) Henry Frederick (1842-1881) m c1870 Emma Ancell (1847-?)& in 1876 Caroline Monger, Edwin (1840-1844),Charlotte Lucinda(1842-1844), Ellen (1844),twins;- Jane (1846-7?),Elizabeth (1846-7?)m. 1868 William Stead.

{3rd Gen} Joseph(1835-1884}1st.m.Melbourne Aust.6 Jun 1857 Sarah Ann Brown{1830-1863} ;children. Joseph William 1858, Ellen Maria 1860, Mary Jane 1862. 2nd m.1866 Islesworth UK Annie Laurie Murton {1840-1921} children: Annie Alice (1866), Federick George(1867) {Frederick George MEACOCK, 23, farmer, London England, Mt. Brydges, s/o Joseph MEACOCK & Anna MERTON, married Sarah Ann ARNELL, 22, Mt. Brydges, same, d/o James ARNELL & Mary SNELLGROVE, witn: Mrs. L. H. SMITH of Strathroy & Louisa BURWELL of Fingal, 22 Oct 1890 at Strathroy}} 2nd? m. Jane Ramsden (5 children),; Eliza Murton {Cecilia} (1869)m.(c.1892) Lum Sing & m.(c.1904) Charles Gee (1 child), Albert(1870), Edwin (1871),Ernest Arthur (1871)m. Rosina Agnes Lane 31/03/1902(5 children), William (1873-1874), Henry Robert (1875), Leonard Lorton (1878-31/10/1955)m.Martha Jane Webb 26/03/1902.(3 children)

{4th Gen}Eliza Murton{Cecilia} (1869)1st.m.Qld Aust.(c.1892) Lum Sing . 2nd m. Qld Aust.(c.1904) Charles Gee child: Hilda Aldrey (1906)
{4th Gen}Leonard Lorton(1878-31/10/1955) m. Martha Jane Webb 1902 children : Arthur Joseph(1903),Edna Grace (1906-1987)Click to enlarge, Albert Douglas (1911-1946)m. C Hamen(1915-1971)
{5th Gen} Edna Grace(1906-1987)1st. m. 1929 H A A Stafford child: Audrey Jean (1930) 2nd m. 1940 Charles S Adams; child : Jenifer Margaret (1948)
{6th Gen} Audrey Jean(1930) m.1948 D V L Thomas children: Graham (1949), Helen (1957), Jane (1960); Jenifer Margaret (1948) 1st. m. 1976 Alan Davies, Children: Carl Jonothan(1978), Lucy Ann (1982) 2nd m.1988 M J Abrams child: Luke M Abrams(1988).

{3rd Gen} Jane (1846-7?) children: Minnie Meacock (1871)(see AIF.htm), William Meacock (1872), Amy Meacock (1874), Thomas Meacock (1879)Census 1881 Jane is shown as a Widow housekeeper in Fulham. She married in 1887 age 41, Jane had a second Partner a Mr. Tilson, (No record of Marriage)and bore him a child Rupert Townsend TILSON Born London, Middlesex, UK.(see AIF.htm) by the 1891 Census Jane now aged 45 was with her third Partner a Mr. Martin,children:-, Thomas Meacock (c.1879)(Married South African named Phyllis). George Meacock(c.1880) , Grace Meacock(c.1885) By the 1901 cenus these three childrens surname had changed to that of their step father Martin
George Martin(Meacock) married to Lilla Reiger(1906) their children - Lilla Jane(1907-1992).m21/4/1935 Ernest Young, Grace(1909-1999)m.3/11/1934 Charles Martin Young, Thomas George(1911-1946 Palestine), William (1913) Marriage CertificateCensus 1891Grace,Lila Jane,ThomasGeorge Martin

{4th Gen} Grace Martin (1909-1999) & Charles Young child Janet Erica (1944) m. 5/8/1967 Robert James Willis -children : Michael Charles Willis (1970), Andrew Robert Willis (1973)
{5th Gen}Michael Charles Willis (1970) m. 24/3/2007 Marybeth Thomas & Andrew Robert Willis (1973) m. 18/8/2007 Becky Millett

{3rd Gen}George Lodovic (1836) & Elizabeth Durran 7 children: Thomas Durran (1861-1895)Master Butcher Hammersmith m. 1886 Ellen Sarah Fisher (1862-1943)(4 children), Annie (1862-1918), George Henry (1865-1889), Edwin (shown as Edward) (1868-1950)m. 1891 Edith Bovingdon(1873-1957), Frederick (1869-1955) m. 1892 Jane Ramsden (1868-1940), Arthur Robert (1870-) Charlotte Lucinda (1872-1936) m. 1905 William Skinner

{4th Gen}Thomas Durran (1861)& Ellen Sarah Fisher 4 children: William George (1885-1973)m 1912 Lucy Rose Howard (1882-1973), Thomas Henry (1886-6/11/1917 KIA) m.1913 Elizabeth A Barns (1882-1965) Ellen Ethel (1889-1890), Frederick Fisher (1892-6/8/1916 KIA Aust Infantry Force(AIF)see Meacock in AIF
{5th Gen} Thomas Henry(1886) & Elizabeth Barns child Frederick Thomas (1915-1987) m. 1939 Freda Harland(1915-2000) See Freddie's Page

{6th Gen} Frederick Thomas(1915) & Freda Harland (1915) two sons:-,Michael John (1943-)Anthony Fredrick (1941-)
{7th Gen}Michael John (1943-) m. Kathleen Sweeney (1948-) 2 sons: Benjamine Michael F. (April 1977) Timothy Charles A. (Jan.1980); Anthony Frederick (1941-) m. Christine Hutchinson 1973 (divorced),Married partner Jackie Sloper 2010.Tony & Jackie 2006

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