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G O Meacock listed 6th from bottom of 2nd Column.
Born on the Great Boulder Lease, Olive left Boulder as a young girl, living with her family in Norseman, St Ives and Salmon Gums,
She returned to Norseman in 1939. From 1942 until 1947 Olive, now a single mother with two young sons, worked as accountant/under manager of Blizzards Drapery, in Norseman. In 1947, with her brother as a silent partner, she bought Pritchard's Drapery in Robert Street, renaming it "Meacock's", which she ran until her retirement in 1969.
Olive ran dressmaking classes at the Norseman Technical School for over twenty years, sometimes teaching five nights a week.
During the war, and for many years after, she was a driving force in the Norseman Branch of the Australian Red Cross, holding both the position of Secretary and President, Olive received a 25 year Long Service Medal.

  100 Women of the Eastern Goldfields Honour Board

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 Norseman Western Australia c.1950    Sylvia & Eric 14-04-2000

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 C.1950 Iris Kerr Head Girl & neice, & Olive Meacock Owner/Manager of Meacock's Drapery Norseman 

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'Kingsmore' 100 Lyall Street Kalgoorlie c.1936

Sylvia & Eric Meacock (family) Golden Wedding (50th) Anniversary 7th Nov.2003     For more photos of this event 50th Anniversary Photos  


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