To Eric Meacock's visit to Shotts Scotland October 2011 7/12/2011

As part of my visit to Scotland in October 2011 , I visited Shotts Lanarkshire for three days, staying at the B&B Blairmains, the farm on which my Great Grandfather George Kerr was born in 1830. Despite the attrocious weather, gale force winds, rain and some hail I was able to locate the three family farms in the area driving by Starryshaws and Brownhill Farms and actually visiting Hillhouseridge Farm which is now the visitors centre and head quarters of Central Scotland Forest Trust.
The Kerr gravestones are now misplaced and in poor condition inscriptions are very difficult to read.
These are some of the photos I took, click on the thumbnails to see enlarged..Nans music room in the third photo is the window on the left of the door (over the extension)...
Hold your cursor over the thumbnail photos to read their location

Hillhouseridge Farm date unknown Hillhouseridge Farm c.1965 Hillhouseridge farmhouse Oct.2011 Closet in music room (on left over extension in previous photo original farm entrance Milk bottle artifact bushland walk Hillhouseridge farm winter 2010 Brownhill farm gate Brownhill farm Starryshaw gate Starryshaw Farmhouse Blairmains Farmscape Blairmains B&B Graves Kirk O'Shotts Eric at gravestone erected by George Kerr/Jean Graham interior Kirk O'Shotts Kirk window Cross of remembrance

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