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Kerr Family Photos Identities/Places unknown

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Boulder early 1900's         West Aussie                 Sydney NSW        

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Nannie Kerr c1917 SCT             Aussies                        Picnic

                            Phot3boys.jpg (44843 bytes)        Picnic.jpg (17881 bytes)

      Bush Wedding?       Qld Couple?        Fremantle ?        Sydney

     CountryWed.jpg (16811 bytes)       Qldcple.jpg (9056 bytes)   UknCpleWedFtle.jpg (8766 bytes) UnknownSydneyA.JPG width=

Original Photos held by Lorna Spackman Qld

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Brisbane            Agnes Kerr ?         Queensland?             Jessie Kerr Qld       Rockhampton Qld

Original Photos held by Eric Meacock WA.

Gladys Olive & unknown friend

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